TUKI vzw is a non-subsidised non-profit organization that is committed to supporting parents of children with life-threatening diseases financially, administratively, legally, practically and emotionally.


Every day there are parents who are told that their child is life-threatening sick. At that moment their whole world is collapsing. The shock is huge!


Children have the right to have their parents close to them during this arduous ordeal, but parents should also be given the opportunity to assist their child.


The pressure for the parents is enormous: emotional, practical, financial and administrative. In some cases there is even legal pressure!

Besides, the information available is very limited. The situation becomes even more complex if the treatment, or part of it, has to be done abroad.


TUKI is the Finnish word for 'support', which TUKI vzw wants to offer in the broadest sense of the word to children with a life-threatening disease (and their parents).


TUKI strives to ensure that:

  • Any child with a serious, life-threatening illness or condition, can get the best possible evidence-based treatment* (domestic and foreign)

  • Parents do not have to worry - or surely less - to meet their obligations (family, financial, professional,...)

  • Every child must have the right to be with his parents when he/she needs it most

  • Parents have a sounding board and are fully informed

  • The real difficulties are objectively reported to the competent authorities

  • Evidence-based treatment: TUKI only supports treatments supported by specialists, doctors and hospitals in Belgium


TUKI offers emotional, financial, legal, administrative and practical support during treatments to children with a life-threatening disease.

This support is given to evidence-based treatments at home and abroad that are supported by doctors & hospitals in Belgium.


  • Emotional support

TUKI consists of a team of experienced experts who offer a listening ear to the whole family at all times. In addition, TUKI can also count on the help of a child psychologist.


  • Administrative support

TUKI offers assistance in the administrative tangle in which the family lands (hospital - hospitalization insurance). TUKI also helps in providing information and intelligence.


  • Legal support

TUKI provides legal support for disputes regarding reimbursement of medication and treatments.


  • Financial support

TUKI supports families financially with non-refundable medications or treatments.

We offer financial assistance with non-refundable accommodation and relocation costs (mainly for treatments abroad).

TUKI also provides financial support for the pre-financing of medication or probe nutrition.


  • Practical support

TUKI provides practical assistance.

As for example an interpreter provided during the intake interview abroad, offer help in the search for a place of residence abroad, organizational support for a benefit,...

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